Our founder and president, Darren Behuniak, worked in corporate marketing and public relations for over a decade. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Global Marketing & Communications for an entrepreneurial group of companies spanning health insurance, medical device, and technology markets.

He managed a team of up to 12 talented, creative marketers, public relations professionals, designers, developers, and writers that created and launched products and brands, supported various sales models, and executed integrated marketing strategies that drove revenue.

Darren also gained diverse business experience. He served on the company’s board of directors and worked daily with the company’s C-suite legal, financial, manufacturing, sales/business development, and operations personnel. He did business in Germany, Denmark, Austria, and various regions of the U.S., and he was fortunate to collaborate with some of the world’s largest companies, including IBM, Dell, Coloplast, Medline, and Aetna.

But then, the itch came. 

The Entrepreneurial Itch

Passionate business owners who have made the conscious decision to take a risk and try to build something from nothing know exactly how this itch feels. It’s everywhere. And it’s untreatable without a dose of ambition mixed with elbow grease and confidence.

Darren started Behuniak Presence Strategies with the same passion. We aim to help business owners, key management executives, and internal marketing teams gain a competitive edge when trying to better execute marketing and sales strategies in today’s business world.

Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge is the same edge that our clients realize when working with us: Our marketing expertise and programs are more effective because of our business expertise.

We draw on knowledge base retained from working with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and mid-sized organizations – including what works in business, and maybe more importantly, what doesn’t work.

We start at the end and work backwards. We start by understanding: What are your business goals? What are your business challenges?

We can help you work through and/or better articulate these elements first. This helps you and us develop creative, memorable, targeted marketing campaigns that support your revenue models.

View our capabilities to see how you might be able to leverage Darren and his team.